America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World

Whilst on stumble upon, I found this video titled “the most honest three minutes in television history” 

What he says and how he delivers it, is incredible. This video is the opening scene of the pilot of the US drama series, Newsroom. For me, its an incredible risk to rant on why they’re not the greatest country in the world, when a lot of Americans are so adamant that it is.

A bold strategy to keep US viewers watching.

I went on to watch the whole 1st series (only 10 episodes) and I strongly recommend it. It’s about how a fictional news company run there stories behind the scenes and trying to overcome commercial pressure into putting on news casts which actually have value.

Although the news company is fictional, the stories they touch on are real, like the oil rig spill and Bin Ladens death.

Once again, I strongly recommend this series. Good cast, good characters and intelligent writing. Just watch the video and have a go at the first couple episodes and then take it from there 🙂


Music for your mood.

Recently I’ve been recommending a few websites, so I thought i’d make a ‘websites’ category so you can see what websites I’ve recommended.

The website is The idea is to type or select your mood or what type of music you want to listen to. For example I put in Study + Motivation and got this playlist.

Most of the songs are songs I haven’t heard of but it’s a clever website with the playlists posted by members (free to join!) and you can post playlists as well. A great way to broaden your music library and to satisfy your mood.

I discovered this band (mentioned below) with this website and I believe they are seriously under-recognised.

The Good Husbands, a Hip Hop group (not usually my type of music but they’re different) that have a good set of music videos on youtube you can watch here. I recommend a subscription


Will Smith

Needed a bit of motivation with resolutions and uni work and so on, so I just looked around youtube and found this collection of Will Smith’s words of wisdom.

Aside being my favourite actor, he has a bit of a knack for words too. My favourite part is around 3:30 with the wall metaphor but the whole thing is a brilliant viewing so let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year all! Making it my new years resolution, I will try to post more blogs as I’ve not been doing as much as I hoped. Not everyday, but minimum once a week. This post is about the new and future stadiums that most are to be predicted to be finished in 2013.2013 stadiums

(put together in adobe illustrator cs6)

From Top left to Top right

Perth Arena, Australia (+15,000) Estádio Nacional de Brasília, Brazil (+71,000) BMW International Stadium, Indonesia (+40,000)

From Middle left to Middle right

Florida International University Stadium, USA (+45,000) Estádio Vivaldo Lima, Brazil (+60,000) Sochi Olympic Stadium, Russia (+40,000)

From Bottom left to Bottom right

Grand Arena Bordeaux, France (+14,000) Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium, China (+80,000) Stade des Lumières, France (+60,000)

Future of Stadiums

A site which I’m often on Not everyone’s favourite, but it really interests me. I plan to start designing them using AutoCAD software.

Hopefully, in the future we stop designing stadiums like this.

Rose bowl in Pasadena, California. (+90,000)

And start to design and build stadiums more like this

Baku Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan (+65,000)