We All Have To Start Somewhere

Now that I’m on my easter break, I thought I’d take the time to use the Solidworks software to advantage and finally build something I want to.

This is the first stadium I am designing. No client, no goal, no timescale. Just me doing what I want

Obviously not finished but once the seats, other little technical supports and the main facade is added I’m looking forward to showing you what the final piece is like. I hope to design more and maybe do this as a career



This isn’t a scaled down CAD model. All dimensions of a professional size tennis court were used.


Minecraft Stadium

During the summer, anytime I was bored and wasn’t watching the Olympic Games, I worked on this stadium using minecraft software.

Using an open world play, this game allowed me to build what I like block by block. No extrusions, lofting, rounding or any other features available on typical CAD software.

The stadiums seats alone have around 20,000 blocks

Future of Stadiums

A site which I’m often on http://www.worldstadiums.com/ Not everyone’s favourite, but it really interests me. I plan to start designing them using AutoCAD software.

Hopefully, in the future we stop designing stadiums like this.

Rose bowl in Pasadena, California. (+90,000)

And start to design and build stadiums more like this

Baku Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan (+65,000)