We All Have To Start Somewhere

Now that I’m on my easter break, I thought I’d take the time to use the Solidworks software to advantage and finally build something I want to.

This is the first stadium I am designing. No client, no goal, no timescale. Just me doing what I want

Obviously not finished but once the seats, other little technical supports and the main facade is added I’m looking forward to showing you what the final piece is like. I hope to design more and maybe do this as a career



This isn’t a scaled down CAD model. All dimensions of a professional size tennis court were used.


Kickstarter Website

Just discovered this website which I’ve been on for the past hour and it’s a brilliant way for ideas to come to life.

It’s called Kickstarter and it’s a way of funding projects. Similar to setting up an online charity and random people donating, Kickstarter enables peoples ideas and creations to come to life by getting the public to back and support projects.

Some of the products and ideas there are simple but brilliant and use great videos for each one to explain the project. Here are some of the projects that I like:

Brydge iPad laptop – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/552506690/brydge-ipad-do-more

Litographs. Printing entire book content onto t-shirts – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/772573430/litographs-entire-books-on-posters-and-t-shirts?ref=category

1 Second Everyday app http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cesarkuriyama/1-second-everyday-app?ref=live