iPhone Accessory? No, iPhone Necessity

I’ve already reviewed this website earlier but http://www.kickstarter.com/ is an incredible way to get ideas on to the market. It’s great to see a website that doesn’t let an idea go missed. Like I said before, once an idea is set and is then advertised on the website, funding for the project needs to be made with a set target given. Backers then pledge a set amount and depending on the size of contribution the inventor will reward you with prizes.

This particular project managed to reach over 7x it’s projected target and rightly so. The design is so simple yet the idea is so brilliant.

Galileo, the product, is a device by where you can control the movement of an iPhone, hands free, and it’s useful for video chatting so the person on the other side can control what he/she is looking at. My explanation of it is far inferior to the video made so I recommend you watch it.

This is the video of it but look at the kickstarter website below (and above) and have a look at it’s design specs and other projects on the website and maybe you’ll be willing to back some.

2phonesbabyandlanscape(picture taken from kickstarter)



Music for your mood. 8tracks.com

Recently I’ve been recommending a few websites, so I thought i’d make a ‘websites’ category so you can see what websites I’ve recommended.

The website is http://8tracks.com/ The idea is to type or select your mood or what type of music you want to listen to. For example I put in Study + Motivation and got this playlist. http://8tracks.com/notermsandconditions/studying-or-hw-this-ll-get-ya-through

Most of the songs are songs I haven’t heard of but it’s a clever website with the playlists posted by members (free to join!) and you can post playlists as well. A great way to broaden your music library and to satisfy your mood.

I discovered this band (mentioned below) with this website and I believe they are seriously under-recognised.

The Good Husbands, a Hip Hop group (not usually my type of music but they’re different) that have a good set of music videos on youtube you can watch here. I recommend a subscription http://www.youtube.com/user/trentroberts5


Bored? I’ve got just the thing

Found this website a couple years ago and got hooked to the point where I was on it for hours at a time.

I’m not sure whether this is a UK/ American or any english thing for that matter but I would suggest this website because it’s the perfect I’m-bored-and-i-wanna-waste-time website. It sends you to websites with cool/ interesting videos, pictures, games, facts and even tutorials. If you don’t like the page click ‘stumble’ and move on. It’s called Stumble Upon and here’s the link http://www.stumbleupon.com/

Step 1. Set up a free account and with your interests

Step 2. Enjoy

Heres’s a few sites I found through stumble upon that I found pretty cool:




if the links don’t work copy and paste them into your address page

Kickstarter Website

Just discovered this website which I’ve been on for the past hour and it’s a brilliant way for ideas to come to life.

It’s called Kickstarter and it’s a way of funding projects. Similar to setting up an online charity and random people donating, Kickstarter enables peoples ideas and creations to come to life by getting the public to back and support projects.

Some of the products and ideas there are simple but brilliant and use great videos for each one to explain the project. Here are some of the projects that I like:

Brydge iPad laptop – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/552506690/brydge-ipad-do-more

Litographs. Printing entire book content onto t-shirts – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/772573430/litographs-entire-books-on-posters-and-t-shirts?ref=category

1 Second Everyday app http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cesarkuriyama/1-second-everyday-app?ref=live

AutoSketch Shapes and iPhone

Practicing a little bit more with this CAD software just working on my rendering. just chose the iphone because it doesn’t have colour and its fairly geometric so I guess a little simpler to render. Second time I’ve used this software now so don’t expect the mona lisa, just enjoy! If you’re a student you can get this software and loads more for free and save £/$1000’s! just go to  http://www.autodesk.co.uk/ > Industries > Education and then fairly self explanatory from there.

Future of Stadiums

A site which I’m often on http://www.worldstadiums.com/ Not everyone’s favourite, but it really interests me. I plan to start designing them using AutoCAD software.

Hopefully, in the future we stop designing stadiums like this.

Rose bowl in Pasadena, California. (+90,000)

And start to design and build stadiums more like this

Baku Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan (+65,000)