We All Have To Start Somewhere

Now that I’m on my easter break, I thought I’d take the time to use the Solidworks software to advantage and finally build something I want to.

This is the first stadium I am designing. No client, no goal, no timescale. Just me doing what I want

Obviously not finished but once the seats, other little technical supports and the main facade is added I’m looking forward to showing you what the final piece is like. I hope to design more and maybe do this as a career



This isn’t a scaled down CAD model. All dimensions of a professional size tennis court were used.


Happy New Year!

Happy new year all! Making it my new years resolution, I will try to post more blogs as I’ve not been doing as much as I hoped. Not everyday, but minimum once a week. This post is about the new and future stadiums that most are to be predicted to be finished in 2013.2013 stadiums

(put together in adobe illustrator cs6)

From Top left to Top right

Perth Arena, Australia (+15,000) Estádio Nacional de Brasília, Brazil (+71,000) BMW International Stadium, Indonesia (+40,000)

From Middle left to Middle right

Florida International University Stadium, USA (+45,000) Estádio Vivaldo Lima, Brazil (+60,000) Sochi Olympic Stadium, Russia (+40,000)

From Bottom left to Bottom right

Grand Arena Bordeaux, France (+14,000) Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium, China (+80,000) Stade des Lumières, France (+60,000)

Minecraft Stadium

During the summer, anytime I was bored and wasn’t watching the Olympic Games, I worked on this stadium using minecraft software.

Using an open world play, this game allowed me to build what I like block by block. No extrusions, lofting, rounding or any other features available on typical CAD software.

The stadiums seats alone have around 20,000 blocks