Growing as a Designer

Growth as a Designer in Year 2’s Module: Product Design Practice 2

A brief introduction as to what this is; I’m studying Product Design Engineering and each year contains 6 modules. 5 of which are engineering modules and theres 1 design module which allows you to be more creative which is the reason this blog was created I guess.

Coming to the end of the year it’s wise to reflect back on what you’ve learnt, how you’ve grown and what needs improving on in the future so you can then use this as a guide to implement this improvements.

 Self Assessment and Criticism 

Coming into the module, I was skeptical of this module because of its design title. Having left Industrial Design and moving to Engineering in year 1 (look at my about page), I thought this would be hindering to why I moved to engineering. It turns out, in order to be a design engineer, the creative, unique side to the module is a necessity.

Throughout the year with the multiple projects, I think there is evidence to my growth as a designer. By reading back to all my self-assessments, it’s clear to see the depth of my personal analysis grew throughout the year. I was able to determine the improvements needed and through each project, I was able to correct them.

I was able to improve multiple competencies in the past year. Along with the rest of the course, I was able to communicate my ideas more efficiently. How I did this was probably down to the amount of presentations the other modules made me do. This aloud my confidence to grow, which made my ideas/ designs more clear to understand.

Another competency I improved was my CAD work. At the beginning, I was put in groups with experienced CAD artists which meant the delegation of the CAD work in the projects was given to them. When I told myself that I needed to improve my CAD in one of the self-assessments, I took it upon myself to be in charge of it and achieved the highest mark for that year.

Further evidence that my growth as a designer was in the feedback from the lecturer. For the 3 projects that had numerical feedback, the results went as 70%, 70% and 80%.


However, whilst the year produced overall positive growth in the module, certain aspects that I do need improving on or failed to show were as follows:

Prototyping skills. This was one of the competencies I failed to develop and show in this module. Prototyping and modelling is vital when communicating designs as it gives the client an idea of physical weight, tangibility and interaction with the idea; rather than looking at sketches/ CAD work/ 2D imaging.

Leadership skills. Each project had a chosen leader which I failed to be throughout the year. Whilst it was my issue because I never volunteered, I think I would have achieved higher individual marks if I was leader because outside this module, I have lead multiple sports teams which I’m disappointed I never had the chance to show my leadership skills in design.


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