Product Innovation

I discovered this product on Yanko Design which relates to the my project is designing (finished in a few weeks so I’ll post it when finished). Whilst most of these ideas on the website:  are just the concepts , the ideas behind them are impressive and innovative.

(I don’t own the rights to this picture)

This designers are David Sweeney, Jeff Virangkabutra & Michael Korn and they’ve made this product, Water Me When I Tilt.

What does it do?

-When water is poured the vase rises up and stays there.

-When the flower has absorbed the water, the design makes the vase tilt back down.


The vase symbolises what a flower does when treated with water and the simplicity of the design makes it and eye-catching product and something worth considering to put into commercial use. It’s a good reminder to the user of this product to water their plants as they are often forgotten about and left to wilt and dry out.


Flower’s in Fast Motion

This is for my current active form project in uni (see posts below about it) but it’s quite a cool video to watch. Whilst it all looks good with the flowers pulsating like an inhaling, exhaling body but the rose for me is the best as it constantly peels away in a very aesthetically pleasing way

But the flowers involving water are what I’m focusing on. You’ll see why in due time.