Self Assessment for The Digital Eco-System Project

IP. During this Project, all initial ideas created by the group were original as too was the development. As a group, we decided on creating a few concepts each. After reviewing a concept we liked, we further developed it creating a few more concepts with the original one in mind.

Technology. The persona was developed using Adobe Illustrator whilst all concepts were done with pencil sketches originally. Once the development was completed, the final rendered sketch was created on Solidworks, with the poster advert being edited on Adobe Illustrator.

User Focus, Usability & Usefulness. This project was centred around our user personae. The person we came with was a newly retired male with a few health problems. These include: poor vision, memory problems, arthritis, eating problems and health problems. The product was created around this to enhance his day to day life.

Market & Business. We decided to brand the product using google as our focus. It’s a familiar brand, our design uses the colours associated with google. It represents what our product is, simple to use yet effective in our day to day life.

Form and Aesthetics. This was briefly mentioned in the previous competency  The product is shaped like a right angled fan which is split in half. Once it it is opened, a screen appears displaying the area in which the persona has selected. For example, the person is alerted when near a fast food restaurant and it will beep warning the person to eat healthier by selecting the button and showing a selection of healthier options on google maps

Material & Fabrication. In terms of the final product, the material selection wasn’t decided.But having looked at the final rendering it would have probably been an aluminium base casing with acrylic buttons and an LCD screen. The prototype however, consisted of a an outer casing of solid card and the inner screen was made from a dense modelling foam.

Self Assessment and Criticism. I feel like I contributed significantly towards this project from the persona generation all the way to the finalised presentation. After the initial concepts were reviewed, the development I generated was the concept we used for our final product. I then helped generate the model used in the presentation. Finally, I was involved in the movie at the end contributing the ideas of the film. Personally I feel like the group and I worked hard with no weaknesses in it. However there were somethings that should have been addressed earlier or if we had more time, would have been fixed. Firstly, whilst meeting up to 3 times a week was a good amount of time, maybe another day we would have got more done. For example, we were planning on having a bracelet to go with the product to have a more ubiquitous design which was part of the brief but timing didn’t enable us to develop it. Our group were more individualised in certain areas (for example I was in charge of a modelling, someone was in charge of movie making and so on.) Had we all focused together on one, I feel like we would have had a stronger product and would have got more done.


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