Thank You Lego

Using the Autosketch pro software again, I decided to sketch a lego piece (random thought dont know why). this time I used layers and colours and a gradient fill in the background. Looked into the background of lego and realised that it was founded 80 years ago this year! So I guess the message is a little thank you to The Lego Group for 80 years of fun.

Initial Sketch Shot


AutoSketch Shapes and iPhone

Practicing a little bit more with this CAD software just working on my rendering. just chose the iphone because it doesn’t have colour and its fairly geometric so I guess a little simpler to render. Second time I’ve used this software now so don’t expect the mona lisa, just enjoy! If you’re a student you can get this software and loads more for free and save £/$1000’s! just go to > Industries > Education and then fairly self explanatory from there.