Growing as a Designer

Growth as a Designer in Year 2’s Module: Product Design Practice 2

A brief introduction as to what this is; I’m studying Product Design Engineering and each year contains 6 modules. 5 of which are engineering modules and theres 1 design module which allows you to be more creative which is the reason this blog was created I guess.

Coming to the end of the year it’s wise to reflect back on what you’ve learnt, how you’ve grown and what needs improving on in the future so you can then use this as a guide to implement this improvements.

 Self Assessment and Criticism 

Coming into the module, I was skeptical of this module because of its design title. Having left Industrial Design and moving to Engineering in year 1 (look at my about page), I thought this would be hindering to why I moved to engineering. It turns out, in order to be a design engineer, the creative, unique side to the module is a necessity.

Throughout the year with the multiple projects, I think there is evidence to my growth as a designer. By reading back to all my self-assessments, it’s clear to see the depth of my personal analysis grew throughout the year. I was able to determine the improvements needed and through each project, I was able to correct them.

I was able to improve multiple competencies in the past year. Along with the rest of the course, I was able to communicate my ideas more efficiently. How I did this was probably down to the amount of presentations the other modules made me do. This aloud my confidence to grow, which made my ideas/ designs more clear to understand.

Another competency I improved was my CAD work. At the beginning, I was put in groups with experienced CAD artists which meant the delegation of the CAD work in the projects was given to them. When I told myself that I needed to improve my CAD in one of the self-assessments, I took it upon myself to be in charge of it and achieved the highest mark for that year.

Further evidence that my growth as a designer was in the feedback from the lecturer. For the 3 projects that had numerical feedback, the results went as 70%, 70% and 80%.


However, whilst the year produced overall positive growth in the module, certain aspects that I do need improving on or failed to show were as follows:

Prototyping skills. This was one of the competencies I failed to develop and show in this module. Prototyping and modelling is vital when communicating designs as it gives the client an idea of physical weight, tangibility and interaction with the idea; rather than looking at sketches/ CAD work/ 2D imaging.

Leadership skills. Each project had a chosen leader which I failed to be throughout the year. Whilst it was my issue because I never volunteered, I think I would have achieved higher individual marks if I was leader because outside this module, I have lead multiple sports teams which I’m disappointed I never had the chance to show my leadership skills in design.


Got Money?

Aimlessly looking around on the internet for… well, nothing.

I found this companies website that specialises… actually, solely designs and manufactures their own watches. The designs and styles are very unique and they claim to be changing the watch industry of the 21st century. I’m no horology expert but I do like their products.

Looking at their collection, you could describe their designs as incredibly detailed, precise and complex but in a way that encourages you to explore the design further.

The company is called Urwerk, have a wide variety of completely different watches but all have a certain aspect about it that links themselves to the brand. By looking at one watch, you could tell that the others belong to the same company.

The company operates in the definition of niche market and , speaking as a student, astronomically pricey. They don’t have their own retailers really, but are available in special retailers in places like, london, paris, las vegas and dubai (clues as to how expensive they are). According to their official youtube channel, they only make around 150 watches so to make any profit you can already tell they would be operating in the hundred thousand dollar/pound/whatever area.


Hang on, First of all let me show you some of their collection. The prices I found were from the Chrono24 website.


Model: Urwerk 110 PT

Price: $85,000 (not bad but we get bigger!)


Model: Urwerk 202 White Gold

Price: $115,000 (now we’re hitting the big bucks)


Model: Urwerk 210

Price: $152,000 ( :O )

As you can see, extreme prices, but they are extreme watches. The 210 has a power measurement feature to show how much power you’ve generated for the watch in the past 2 hours. A feature designed to have the owner ‘connect’ better with the watch.

Here are the rendered videos they produced which I think are extremely impressive

Either you love it or hate it and well… I wouldn’t mind having one!

Coca-Cola Bottle

After endlessly searching for a SolidWorks tutorial, I discovered a Coca-Cola bottle mold tutorial.

After following the tutorial, I was able to create a cavity and split the mold in 2. The process which is usually part of making the real thing. Click here for the tutorial

Coca-cola bottle + mold.73

In order to make the mold, the coke bottle itself needs to be modeled. This can be downloaded from the tutorial but to make sure this is all my work, I reverse engineered the downloadable model and was able to replicate it myself. I was then able to render it how I liked in Keyshot 3 Pro.

untitled.59 untitled.58 untitled.57

After this, I decided to make a little Olympic themed render. Coca-Cola are renowned for their sponsorship for multiple events, including the Olympics.

I designed the Olympic rings using SolidWorks and then rendered it all, again using Keyshot Pro 3.

Let me know what you think 🙂




Warning: none of the work here was created/endorsed by Coca-Cola nor have I received any rewards for it. This is purely out of interest and completed in my own time


America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World

Whilst on stumble upon, I found this video titled “the most honest three minutes in television history” 

What he says and how he delivers it, is incredible. This video is the opening scene of the pilot of the US drama series, Newsroom. For me, its an incredible risk to rant on why they’re not the greatest country in the world, when a lot of Americans are so adamant that it is.

A bold strategy to keep US viewers watching.

I went on to watch the whole 1st series (only 10 episodes) and I strongly recommend it. It’s about how a fictional news company run there stories behind the scenes and trying to overcome commercial pressure into putting on news casts which actually have value.

Although the news company is fictional, the stories they touch on are real, like the oil rig spill and Bin Ladens death.

Once again, I strongly recommend this series. Good cast, good characters and intelligent writing. Just watch the video and have a go at the first couple episodes and then take it from there 🙂


This is just a quick render I did with some snooker balls and frame. I’m still getting used to the Keyshot rendering software so I’m just trialing and error-ing I guess. 

The ball and frame were made using solidworks and I just used multiple ways to render the final thing. 

After uni finishes for the year, I want to try and build a full scale snooker table using solidworks and keyshot as a platform.




As you can see, the felt used on snooker tables is quite hard to represent so maybe photoshop would be needed to touch it up a bit more. 


We All Have To Start Somewhere

Now that I’m on my easter break, I thought I’d take the time to use the Solidworks software to advantage and finally build something I want to.

This is the first stadium I am designing. No client, no goal, no timescale. Just me doing what I want

Obviously not finished but once the seats, other little technical supports and the main facade is added I’m looking forward to showing you what the final piece is like. I hope to design more and maybe do this as a career



This isn’t a scaled down CAD model. All dimensions of a professional size tennis court were used.